Popular Criminal Background Check Companies

A criminal records search on an individual is pretty easy to do.

Criminal records searches are not as intrusive as other types of background checks. Criminal records are, after all, public records, so information contained in those public records is public information after all. Here are a few affordable online search companies you can use.

Criminal Records
Criminal-Records.org offers fast and easy access to its database of criminal records. You can browse through basic background searches, national and state arrest warrants, court warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, tax liens, sex offender lists, address histories and more.

Criminal Check
Criminal-Check.com is known for having accurate, reliable and confidential detailed reporting. They have database connections at the local, state and federal agency levels. Their service is affordable and easy-to-use. You just need to sign up. You can immediately start working through their files to uncover criminal and civil court public records.

If you have concerns about someone’s background, Intelius Background Search can give you the information that may help you feel better. Whether you are worried about your new date, neighbor, business partner or caregiver, a solid, non-intrusive background search can help. They offer products and services such as basic people information searches to more comprehensive screening programs for employers. Most of their results will consist of records from criminal reports, address history look up, property reports, neighborhood reports, names of aliases and associates, lists of civil judgments, liens, bankruptcies and more.

Net Detective
This popular search tool has been around since 1996. Net Detective Criminal Records Search was also an easy product to use. You merely signed up and you had immediate access to their database, which was one of the largest on the Web. You paid one fee and then you could run as many searches as you liked. Unfortunately, Net Detective is not around any longer.

And if you're looking for search results you can use in order to make hiring or renter/rental decisions, you need to find a service that specializes in that. You could visit http://www.employee-screening.org or take a look at a few of their spotlighted services right here.