Background Check Screening Services

This page highlights a few of the best-known background screening companies on the Web today.

Once you become a registered member of eVerify Background Checks, you get complete access to their website and its search database. Their legal and easily organized investigation resources will provide you a complete report in minutes. Their research tools gets you records about practically anyone. Your are privy to a variety of search options and sources. They guarantee you will be satisfied with their service.

Starting in 1996, Net Detective has been helping companies and individuals locate information. If you join Net Detective, you can also get instant access to their one-plus billion data records. You can start as many people searches as you want. You can poke into someone’s public history background or use it to find a good friend that you’ve lost track of.

For a one stop solution, Background Report 360 is a great site to go to for researching information regarding an individual. They offer accurate information, compiled from various sources, with super-fast delivery and affordable prices.

Intelius Background Screening can make your employer screening duties simple and easy. They have packages of background search opportunities made just for companies of any size. They work with Fortune 500-sized companies, and they work with local neighborhood shops of just a couple of people. They will perform your pre-employment background checks in a legally compliant manner. And you can concentrate on running your business.

A fifth option is Inteligator. Inteligator has access to tons of public records and you can get your search results back fast. Find out more about them.