Background Check Services Online

Everybody wants to save money when they can, and the background screening business is no different. Here are three affordable online background check companies you can try.

eFind Out The Truth Public Records is typically voted one of the better background screening firms by its users. This company actually utilizes real people — private investigators — to do the searching for you. These people will then report back to you on their findings.

Even though it would seem they would be expensive to use, they do offer a variety of search programs, and some are quite affordable. Besides the single search, they also offer volume discounts for handling a larger quantity of background searches.

Now, Net Detective Background Checks was probably the most famous of the online public records search firms. Their service was heavily promoted on the Internet. They were known for having a tremendous database of records you can search through. They were built for the individual to use at home. They were not the right firm to use if you are wanting employment history or if you are an employer, but casual searchers often used them. You paid just once and then you could run an unlimited amount of searches. Unfortunately, they are no longer around.

Intelius Background Screening is a higher-quality service. They work with individuals, but they also work for employers and companies who want to run numerous background history checks on potential employees. Their service is typically regarded as reliable, fast and affordable.

They work with businesses of all sizes. And they offer a variety of search options. They strive to comply to all laws regarding privacy and employee and employer law.

You can also check out a short list of other top services at or at a site such as